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Advanced Syntonic Phototherapy 201 Course 


February 28th, 2021, 9:00am- 5:00pm EDT, 4 hours COPE

The one-day virtual course will cover the following topics: Endocrine System, Biotypes, Advanced filters, Advanced Visual Fields, and Advanced Syntonic Cases. 

REGISTRATION FORM 201 February 28 2021

Basic 101 Course Online (Australian College of Syntonics)

Saturday: March 13, 2021, Sunday: March 14, 2021
9am-5pm EST Australia Live Zoom
Contact: Melanie Woodhouse for more information:

88th International Conference on Light and Vision 

Syntonic Phototherapy 101 June 2-3, 2021, Nashville, TN

Syntonic Phototherapy 201 June 3, 2021, Nashville, TN














































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88th International Conference on Light and Vision in Nashville, TN. Happening on June 2-5, 2021

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Our approach to evaluating and improving vision is based on the principle that vision is a learned process. Good vision is not just something we are born with. It must be developed.

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