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The College of Syntonic Optometry is an active and growing post-graduate educational organization with branches in Australia, Europe, Mexico, and Great Britain. Established in 1933, its members include optometrists and other health professionals and supporters from around the world. Those who achieve a clinical level of experience and mastery are awarded the status of Fellow.

The annual CONFERENCE ON LIGHT AND VISION features basic and advanced courses in syntonic phototherapy as well as presentations by scientists and clinicians from related fields.

It publishes THE JOURNAL OF OPTOMETRIC PHOTOTHERAPY as well as periodic newsletter updates and this website and others.

Today, scientific as well as clinical verification of light’s impact on health and healing and a growing public demand for functional and rehabilitative vision therapy continue to vitalize the college and advance its mission.

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91st International Conference on Light and Vision in St. Pete Beach, FL. Happening on May 15-18, 2024

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Our approach to evaluating and improving vision is based on the principle that vision is a learned process. Good vision is not just something we are born with. It must be developed.

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