March 2006

Artificial Light and Health, Awakening Resources with Color Light, Changes in fields in Athletes after Syntonics.

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March 2005

Color Theory, Functional Visual Fields, Subtle Energies, Strabismus, Biophotons.

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April 2004

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, The Circadian Receptor, Healing Light for Health, Syntonics in the Treatment of Learning Problems, The Syntonic Case Study, Visual Signs of Reduced Form Fields.

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March 2003

Advanced Syntonic Filters, The Neurophysiology of Light, Chinese Medicine.

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March 2002

Color Fields, Peripheral Vision, Syntonics as Energy Medicine, Heart Rate Variability.

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April 2001

Combining Light and Acupuncture, Exploring the the Biology of Phototherapy, Syntonics: Optometric color therapy for the treatment of acquired Brain Injuries, Light up!

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